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  1. MiBlackBox is your virtual witness TM PENDING.


  1. MiBlackBox is a Service that allows the User to record calls, pictures and videos in situations such as in emergencies and unforeseen events. The voice file is then automatically recorded, encrypted and stored at an off-site secured server and an sms or in app (app only) notification along with location (app only) is triggered and sent to an Emergency Contact or contacts (app only) enabling the call to be accessed by the User and Emergency Contact.


  1. MiBlackBox is not only an App based service but rather a service that is available to all GSM mobile handsets that are active on the network. The app and Web based version offer more functionality.


  1. In addition to voice calls, once registered and if using a smart phone or app, Users can also upload photos or videos.


  1. MiBlackBox may be used:

    1. in the event of a motor accident, photos or videos can be uploaded detailing the scene, the persons involved and eye witnesses;

    1. being followed while driving or walking in which case a call can be made giving the details of your location and the motor vehicle or person involved;
    1. road block interactions;

    1. domestic violence;

    1. any situations in which you are feeling threatened, insecure and or unsafe.




  • Individual Users – register via the Website, or using the app versions (Apple and Android or by simply dialing the USSD string *120*8821# or other USSD as published from time to time on or from their mobile phone and then completing a simple guided interactive USSD process.

  • Multiple Users off a single account – Users must access the website www.miblackbox.co.za and complete a simple registration process.

  • Once registration is completed, Users are sent an sms with the contact details of MiBlackBox which they can save to their phone directory or if possible, as a hot key on their phone (fast dial). In the case of the app, MiBlackBox will still send a welcome SMS but the contact details will be stored in the app already.