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ice mobile

Ice Mobile is a Distributer of Prepaid Airtime products and in parallel offers a diverse and highly successful range of Mobile Media platforms
including: SMS, MMS, AVM- Automated Voice Messaging, Vodacom Please Call Me Messages & Email.
With access to Partner Opt-in Databases that are de-duplicated with the Do Not Contact List and registered with the DMMA, Advertisers are able to segment this data according to their specific target market.


jag mobile

Jag Mobile is a Mobile Marketing Company specializing in AVM-Automated Voice Messaging, lead generation and Mobile Content Subscriptions.


bright white

Brite White is a Company specializing in Insurance related products and lead generation exclusively using annuity business models.
Business Models:
· Paid for
· Risk


foondi media

Foondi Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Rich Rewards Group offers Advertisers and Agencies the opportunity to advertise their Brands inside Prepaid Airtime Vouchers.

This advertising platform conveys a message and a “call to action” to the Customer when he/she recharges with airtime, therefore reaching a captive audience with a guaranteed view. The Customer is able to decide whether or not he/she will interact with the advert and therefore will initiate the contact.
These Vouchers reach millions of South Africans in the low-middle income bracket, Countrywide. National and Provincial targeting is available.
This environment is not cluttered and brands are not fighting to stand out which allows your Brand to grab the Customers full attention.



An App to earn income from your smartphone- refer to earn money on a range of products which can be immediately redeemed for airtime, electricity and/or cashed-out via ATM’s.
South African Citizens and Residents only.



Development on TaggMii started in 2009 and initially started as a blog aggregation tool which helped promote your content through the use of our site and our social networking channels. TaggMii as it is branded today provide live and detailed statistics for each blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts that publish content. We were the first of all the blog aggregators in South Africa to introduce real time aggregation. TaggMii was recently transformed into what it is today, which is an Influencer Publishing Platform to bridge the gap between brands and social platforms by allowing brands to publish sponsored content to the South African digital community.



MiBlackBox is your virtual witness TM PENDING. This is a Service that allows the User to record calls,pictures and videos in situations such as in emergencies and unforeseen events. The file is then automatically recorded, encrypted and stored at an off-site secured server and a sms notification is triggered to an Emergency Contact enabling the call to be accessed by the User and Emergency Contact.

MiBlackBox is not an App based service but rather a service that is available to all GSM mobile handsets that are active on the network.

In addition to voice calls, once registered and if using a smart phone, Users can also upload photos or videos.